1. What is ERO-HIG?

ERO-HIG is a gel produced for men’s intimate hygiene which can improve at the same time the potency and enable stronger erection.



2. Proposal to use.
ERO-HIG is very simple to use. Once a day you rub 2 grams of gel into the penis, mainly glans during 2-3 minutes, then you wash it.
3. Is ERO-HIG recommended for older men?

Experiences show that sexual stimulation decreases gradually in course of time, so use of ERO-HIG gel is recommended even in age above 60-70 years, since it can increase the sexual stimulation and improve the potency.

4. How often to use ERO-HIG?

ERO-HIG gel is recommended to use once a day, or more if needed. Regular daily use is necessary for proper effect.

5. How long does one package of ERO-HIG last?

In case of using regularly, once a day, one package lasts for 45-60 days.